How to plan and create your perfect study area

How to plan and create your perfect study area

Whether you work from home or just want a space to go and relax on your own for an hour a day we've thought of the key things you'll want to consider when creating the perfect home study area.

Take a look at our list for inspiration and ideas on how to make this space your personal sanctuary.

Firstly consider what you want to use your study space for and who will use it. Is it simply for working from home during the day, perhaps the kids want to do homework in there of an evening, or maybe it'll be your private little personal space to listen to some music, read a book or simply sit and do absolutely nothing.

Once you know the purpose of your study and who will want to use the space you can start to plan the layout of furniture and what other things you might want to incorporate into it.

Do you want a second hand solid wood desk with a comfy chair in the corner surrounded by family photos or is a smart ergonomic simplistic style more your thing? Do you want space for a desktop PC, a laptop or maybe you'll want to fix a tablet to a desk stand. Perhaps you'll want to have a built in sound system so you can free up speaker space while listening to your favourite music.

Create a mood-board or Pinterest board of ideas you gather and then pick your favourites, get everyone involved who is going to use the room so they all have a piece of it they love.

Next you should think about the lighting in your study. What time of day will it be used? Does the sun come through the window and cast light around? Maybe you'll want some blinds to block out the sun and artificial lighting if you prefer, or maybe you're a sun worshipper and don't want to block any of the sunlight out. Thinking about the light that naturally enters the room will help you choose window dressings as well as what artificial light you might need.

If it's likely you're going to get any distractions from outside while you're working or relaxing do you need a 'do not enter' policy? Something very simple like a sign on the door that says "Please do not disturb genius at work" or "Please do not enter, much needed relaxation time in progress", make it fun so as not to scare your family off but serious enough that everybody in your home respects the time everybody needs in the study.

Finally, have fun with this project. Make it personal, make it yours and your families. Regardless of what the room is used for why not make it a peaceful haven for work or relaxation where you know you can go to be productive or get some chill out time. We've put some links below to some websites that sell some great pieces for on trend interiors for you to get some inspiration.

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