Published on 21 June 2022

Rebecca's Story

Rebecca decided that it was the right time to purchase a property on her own. Having spent a number of years living in the region, she was pleased to find out there was a Shared Ownership scheme available, just around the corner from her previous address. She now owns a 2-bedroom house at Abri Homes Foxglove Meadows development in the bustling village of Hutton.

She explains: “When you’re looking to move out into a house of your own, finding somewhere that you can call your own becomes even more important to you. The familiarity, security and sense of belonging that comes with having your own space was the main driver for me when I was looking for my new home.

“Having spent a number of years in the area, I wanted to stay living somewhere close, to make the move easier to manage. After living in a larger property, I needed to downsize and find a place that was more practical for me (and my two cats).

After some searching, Rebecca discovered new homes at Foxglove Meadows while they were still under construction. She explains how Shared Ownership was a great option for her:

“Shared Ownership is something I’d never considered before but was an ideal option that allowed me to get on the property ladder for myself. I’d looked at other places on the open-market nearer to Bristol, but would have had to have bought a smaller apartment, with limited outdoor space. By buying through Shared Ownership, I’ve got the benefit of having all the small touches and the quality that goes into a new build. I didn’t have to do anything to my new home when I moved in.