Help to Buy Agent for the South has helped hundreds of people to purchase or rent their new home.  Here are just a few of the success stories:

I now have my own independence thanks to the HOLD Shared Ownership scheme

I now have my own independence thanks to the HOLD Shared Ownership scheme

Sophie is a 26 year old woman with Cerebral Palsy. Her family moved from Oxford to Witney in 2011. Although Sophie has limited mobility, this didn't stop her from moving in to digs to study history at the University of Northampton. Three years later with a degree under her belt and experience of independent living, Sophie and her family realised it would be difficult for her to live again under the same roof as the rest of the family. Sophie wanted a place of her own and a solution presented itself when her Step Father Richard saw an advert in a local magazine for the HOLD Shared Ownership scheme offered by Advance.

Sophie and her family got in touch with Advance and searched for a suitable property. Her mum found a two bedroom house for sale three doors down from their family home which seemed close enough to help if needed but far enough to give Sophie the independence she wanted.

Through a combination of savings, Advance's contribution and a mortgage, Sophie was able to purchase the house and moved in in 2014. Sophie's condition restricts her movement and her ability to do physical tasks, but this doesn't stop her helping at her local church and food bank when she feels able to do so.

Richard said that it gives him and Sophie's mum peace of mind to know that she has a place to live in the long term that will suit her needs. "We are really happy that Sophie has a home for life, with the right support, and as a very determined person can now live the life she has chosen for herself."

When asked what a difference Shared Ownership has made to her life, Sophie said: "It's amazing, it has transformed our lives. I have more independence and we all have a better relationship in our family."

She urges other people with long term physical disabilities to consider HOLD as a route into home ownership and greater independence.